come with me to Madrid, that's where Real play
Kay, 19, North African
"Real Madrid has shown, more than any other team in domestic football, the resilience and the resolve to come back from being down, battered, bruised, hammered, they just keep coming through the flames",

"How many clubs can say that they have a world class, youth academy graduate for a captain? For a symbol? ‘cause he is a symbol.
When you think Madrid, you think Iker. You think those scarves and flags around his waist. You think him touching the crossbar. You think him crying and crying because Madrid is his one true love. (as if this club is not the love of his life).
Is there ANYONE who shows this much passion, this much LOVE for Real Madrid?” -Millie

happy birthday Sergio

"Well yes a kid, but I’ve learned a lot in life, both from defeats and wins, and you can say that I’m a kid, because I’m always happy and upbeat. I think this helps me in the locker room and in my life as well." [x]

We are Real Madrid, and we will continue fighting.

"Sergio Ramos is pushing himself to the limit, putting up with pain that would leave another player out of action. At the club they say that his pain threshold is 10 times greater than the other players and under normal circumstances, the pain he’s feeling, would force him to rest 15 days to recover fully […] Ramos hasn’t trained with his teammates for 12 days. But there he is. He’s played every game since he got injured. He always says the same thing: "I’m playing"." {x}

Real Madrid is every person who makes it a part of their life, those who can see and do not stop watching, those who want to see but cannot watch. It is everyone and no one. It is more than football. It is sometimes an excuse and other times a reason. It was monarchy, republic, dictatorship and never stopped being democracy. It was first and it was second, it is leader without being champion.

Happy birthday to the greatest football club in the world

Los Blancos in color

happy birthday, Jo!