Hala Madrid
Cómo no te voy a querer, como no te voy a querer, si fuiste campeón de Europa por décima vez.
Hala Madrid

Kay, 19, North African
"What is Real Madrid?"
"I think it's a feeling" -Di Stefano
Free Palestine.,

inspired by Kanye West’s Power

Thank you, Jesús.
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Sergio Ramos x press conferences 

“La Decima is something magnificent. My teammates had to wait a long time. This is truly a highlight of my career. I was in a bubble after the game. There was excitement and happiness.” -Varane [x]

"Real Madrid team shows the cup to the audience during the Real Madrid fireworks ceremony the day after winning the UEFA Champions League Final at Santiago Bernabeu stadium on May 25, 2014 in Madrid, Spain."

"I want people to remember me as a good person and as a good athlete.  Aspirations?  I would like to continue to do something related to football when I retire.  I want to help young people and teach them things, because I always liked that when I was young, learning from others." -Iker Casillas

"Look at what he’s been through, he deserves an applause"

inspired by Kanye West’s song ‘Amazing’


"Possible wizard Sergio Ramos sent the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid to extra time in mind-blowing fashion with a headed equalizer at the death of regular time’s five added minutes. No one on the planet was more pleased with Ramos’ heroics than Real Madrid goalkeeper and captain Iker Casillas" [x]

"How many clubs can say that they have a world class, youth academy graduate for a captain? For a symbol? ‘cause he is a symbol.
When you think Madrid, you think Iker. You think those scarves and flags around his waist. You think him touching the crossbar. You think him crying and crying because Madrid is his one true love. (as if this club is not the love of his life).
Is there ANYONE who shows this much passion, this much LOVE for Real Madrid?” -Millie

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