Hala Madrid
Cómo no te voy a querer, como no te voy a querer, si fuiste campeón de Europa por décima vez.
Hala Madrid

Kay, 19, North African
"What is Real Madrid?"
"I think it's a feeling" -Di Stefano
Free Palestine.,

"Jesé’s injury clouds our pass to the quarterfinals. We hope it is very minor, but we’ve been advised that that it may be grave. It’s a shame because he was doing good things with the team (…) The Clásico is a different kind of game and neither teams form is important. We will give our all to get a good result for the league." 

- Sergio Ramos, after the match against Schalke | 18-03-14


This man is a true hero. He is a true Captain. Look at the way he hugs Cristiano, when Cristiano gets a red card. He doesn’t say anything, simply because he doesn’t need to. He knows what the referee has done, and he knows that there will be no cup. He knows that if Real Madrid had another extra 30 minutes to play, they would not score, simply because luck was not on their side. Look at the way he approaches Sergio. He can not say anything, because he knows that if he says something Sergio will break down and cry. Look at the way he puts his jacket over Benzema. Look at the way he looks at the Madridistas. He knows that they are upset, and disappointed. He knows that they have come a long way to watch them play and win, but that did not happen. Look at the passion in the eyes of this man. All the work he has done is dedicated to this club. It’s dedicated to the fans and to his team mates. He is a winner. He is Madridismo. 

"how would it be possible for Karim to leave a club like Real Madrid?" -Karim Benzema’s agent


Lily Collins for Stella Magazine 2012






Mesut Özil, in honour of Eric Abidal (number 22) who has decided to leave Barcelona FC today.

P.S. This is Abidal’s traditional gesture. ;)



I’m speechless. T_T

Iker Casillas consoles teammate Sergio Ramos after the UEFA Champions League Semi Final.

I am titanium

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