Hala Madrid
Cómo no te voy a querer, como no te voy a querer, si fuiste campeón de Europa por décima vez.
Hala Madrid

Kay, 19, North African
"What is Real Madrid?"
"I think it's a feeling" -Di Stefano
Free Palestine.,


Cristiano wanted to raised his hand to point out that France team‘s handball.

BUT when he aware of the person who fouled is Varane,look how cutie Cristiano being❤❤❤

James and Cristiano at today’s training session | 19.09.2014 (x)


real madrid training session,Sep.19,2014.

Cristiano Ronaldo poses with the UEFA’s Best Player in Europe trophy during the UEFA Champions League draw, at the Grimaldi Forum, in Monaco on August 28, 2014.

Cristiano Ronaldo, UEFA Player of the Year 2014 (Part 3/3) | 28-08-14
Cristiano Ronaldo named UEFA Best Player in Europe 2014  | 28-08-14

"I’m really happy, I worked very hard but I want to thank my teammates too because they helped me win this trophy too. 2013/2014 was an extraordinary season, both on a personal and team level. We managed to play great Champions League and I managed to be top scorer and set a new top scorer record. I think the trophy was well deserved, of course we still have to train a lot to play like this. This is the first time I’ve won this trophy so I’m really happy."

Ronaldo shares his UEFA Player of the Year award with the team | 30-08-14

Cristiano’s post-Supercup comments about Iker Casillas | 12-08-14 (picture)
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