come with me to Madrid, that's where Real play
Kay, 19, North African
"Real Madrid has shown, more than any other team in domestic football, the resilience and the resolve to come back from being down, battered, bruised, hammered, they just keep coming through the flames",

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Toni Kroos’ first moments on the Bernabeu pitch as an RM player | 17-07-14

Ancelotti training with the team | 18-07-14

Entrenamiento | 18-07-14

Welcome Toni Kroos !

Heading to L.A | 21.7.2014 (x)
Squad list

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“Walking around this great stadium with all the history it embodies was something very special and I will never forget today. There are no words to describe it. It was a once-off and beautiful experience, something that I have always dreamed about. I have longed for this and the story doesn’t end here. I dream about winning things and being here for the rest of my career because this is a winning club and I am also a winner” | 22.7.2014 (x)

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Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
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