come with me to Madrid, that's where Real play
Kay, 19, North African
"Real Madrid has shown, more than any other team in domestic football, the resilience and the resolve to come back from being down, battered, bruised, hammered, they just keep coming through the flames",

Karim Benzema In New York July 23,2014

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A Day with Karim Benzema | translation 

- updating his own social networks? “Yes —  that’s me, myself and I.”

- music he’s listening to now? A song called BBC (Bale, Benzema, Cristiano)

Group E: France 3-0 Honduras (June 15) | World Cup 2014 

  • Benzema - 45’ p || 72’
  • Valladares - 48’ og

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Group E :

france 3 vs 0 hounduras

  • benzema (PK) 45+1’
  • benzema 48’
  • benzema 72’
Karim Benzema scores France’s first and third goal at the World Cup 2014 (June 15, 2014)

Karim Benzema scored twice and created a third that was confirmed by goal-line technology as France beat Honduras 3-0 on Sunday in their first World Cup match.